Water Services
We Specialize in locating/finding your water losses

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We serve many different types of clients, Public Utilities, Contractors, Commercial, Industrial, and Master Metered Communities with a variety of problems, specific to their particular operation. This unique work experience provides us with broad range of skills to better serve all of our clients. The types of services and solutions we can provide are as diverse as our clients.

Leak Pinpointing
Pinpointing water leaks can make the difference between a single excavation site and a series of excavation sites chasing water.

Water Leak Survey
This a planned approach to locating water leaks that have not surfaced and may never surface. Several clients have us perform surveys annually as a preventative measure for water loss control. The savings are in planned versus emergency repairs and water loss accountability.

Online Flow Monitoring
Can inform you when you have a problem, before the water bill has arrived or calculated your monthly losses. Specific alarm points are developed for you specific application and you can then be notified via email or text message on your cell phone.

New Water Line/Pressure Test
Failed pressure test due to leaks can be difficult and time consuming to locate on your own. Our experience, equipment and knowledge of the testing requirements can expedite finding the problem.
Slab Leaks
Over the years we have developed a number of different techniques to pinpoint these types of leaks. Pinpointing this type of leak can substantially reducing the repair cost and minimize disruption of your facility.