Utility Locating/ Mapping / GIS

We serve many different types of clients, Public Utilities, Contractors, Commercial, Industrial, and Master Metered Communities with a variety of problems and needs specific to their particular operation. This unique work experience provides us with broad range of skills to better serve all of our clients. The types of services and solutions we provide are as diverse as our clients.

Locating Services
We use electronic locating equipment that induces a radio signal to the pipe or wire. We can then locate the pipe or wire location on top of the ground as well its depth. Non-metallic sewer pipes can be located using a radio sonde or pulling through a temporary wire.

We routinely use our sub-meter GPS to map and document the asset condition of the underground utilities while performing a water leak survey, sewer smoke testing or sewer televising.

Geographic Information System (GIS)
Is the process of putting together both data and map. Maintaining records of your underground assets, their condition, maintenance records and where they are located is important in operating your system. We can provide a digital map of your system to view graphically and/or digitally without expensive software requirements.