Sewer Service

We serve many different types of clients, Public Utilities, Contractors, Commercial, Industrial, and Master Metered Communities with a variety of sewer problems. We specialize in finding / defining sewer infiltration / inflow (I/I) problems. This unique work experience provides us with broad range of skills to better serve all are clients. The types of services and solutions we can provide are as diverse as our clients

Develop I/I Remediation Program
Replacement of the entire sewer system and / or lining every pipe is not practical. Developing a long term plan of investing both time and resources into 1) find/define the problem 2) fix the problem 3) measure results. Using trench-less technologies can be a cost effective and less intrusive method of rehabilitating the sewer system. We can develop trench-less technologies maintenance contracts / specifications / bid documents and inspect the work. We can help you develop an overall plan that will meet your objectives and budget.

Quantify the problem – Flow metering, Rainfall and Data Collection
We developed a simplistic computer model for deriving and quantifying the amount of I/I derived for each rainfall. This is accomplished by installing a wireless data logging device connected to WWTP, pump stations, portable flow meters and rain gauges. We can then provide the information back to you via our Online Flow Monitoring service on line. Alarms and notification process can be added via email or text message on you cell phone.

Smoke/Dye/Hydrostatic Testing
Smoke testing is the most inexpensive method for determining many different sources of I/I into the sanitary sewer system. This typically is followed up by dye testing and televising to actually find / define the pipe, manhole or lateral defect, so that solution to the problem can be derived. Hydrostatic testing involves pumping dyed water outside the manhole to find the active leaks in the main line, laterals and MH walls (see pictures).

Sewer Mainline / MH / Lateral video inspection
Video inspection is a crucial part of defining the problem. We have the equipment to perform all three types of inspection with software for easy viewing and data collection. MH video inspection can be quick and inexpensive method to survey the entire system.