Underground Utility Services water meter

Online Flow Monitoring

This a complete monitor system collecting data on flow, pressure, pump stations or other measurable parameters of interest and returns the data back to you via the internet 24/7. We provide:

• The equipment and sensors
• Install the system
• Maintain the system and calibration of sensors
• You can access the information anywhere the internet is available
• View the data both graphically and in tabular format
• Export the data to other programs for further analysis
• Data typically is updated every 3 hours and you can manually update while on – line
• The monitoring system is solar powered, requiring no power or dedicated phone lines.
• We can provide alarm notification via email or text message to your cell phone.
• All for a one time installation fee and low monthly cost. Click here for more information!

Example Problem 
Master metered system unexpected high water bill.
A. Water leaks create a constant flow, never ending until located and fixed. Consumption is not.

B. We read the master water meter to determine the flow rate every 30 seconds to capture the absolute minimum flow rate. Each day a pre determined minimum flow or less must be achieved or you will receive an alarm by email notifying you of a potential low flow leakage. You go on-line and view the data to confirm.

There are a number of applications and solutions we can provide in both water and sewer systems using this type of technology. Call today to find out how we can help you!

Take a look at the data available in our Online Flow Monitoring data tracking and monitoring system. Click on the link above and use the following logon information:

Username:  demo
Password:   demo1

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